Its been a long time…I always seem to have the urge to write and share at this time of year. My last post in February 2021 seems like a lifetime ago. It feels like the entire world has changed in the last two years, and my personal life has not been spared.  I don’t know … More PTSD


Virus Shawl Blanket

Last fall, before I started this blog, I ran across a picture of a virus shawl that was apparently all the rage last year. The look seemed almost antique, with that classic, delicate look. I really loved the rhythm that came from making this shawl, it was fun, and I looked forward to each round. … More Virus Shawl Blanket

A Different View

So I mentioned that my dad passed away last summer and the grief is surely triggering this extended flare that I am currently experiencing, but I wanted to share an awesome little gift that our family was recently given. My dad worked at the patent office for 20+ years and retired from there a few … More A Different View